Wild Dart Swim and Aquathlon

**Registrations now open**

The Wild Dart Swim and Aquathlon is now part of the South West Swim Run Series, as well as being an established part of the open water swimming calendar in Devon. Our chip timed 2.5k and 5k swim in the Dart with full water safety coverage, offers a worthy challenge to open water swimmers, triathletes and trail runners alike and is ideal preparation for a swim run.

Now in its second year in 2019: A 15k aquathlon course offers a hilly, partly off road 8.5mile run to complement the 2.5k swim and a 2k sprint aquathlon which is suitable for kids from 14 years up, as well as adults.


The River Dart Swim Run 2019

**We will now be using Ashprington Point, instead of Blackness Marine as our starting point for the half marathon. Tickts will go ons ale shortly**
The second Dart Swim Run brings swim running back on a epic scale to the South West. You will follow the regions’ most iconic river by land and water. The Swim Run half marathon consists of three swim sections and three run sections, both finishing in Dartington Estate. The half marahon course starts at Ashprington Point. The whole course can be completed in pairs or as a solo or part of a relay team.
There will be a post event buffet in Dartington and presentation. Buses will be provided to the start at a cost of £10. But entrants can also arrange their own transport. All participants will receive a medal and swimcap. T shirts will be available for sale. There will be an event photographer on hand to capture the event.