Our Navigation courses are taught by professionally qualified mountain leaders who are also uniquely qualified to teach you the skills you will need to navigate your way around Dartmoor and any of the national parks in the UK.


We teach navigation courses over one and two days to groups and individuals, NNAS certifcate courses and night navigation courses, based on Dartmoor in Burrator, Holne and Princetown.

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Guided weekendsface to face coaching

NNAS Silver Navigation 2 Day Course on Dartmoor, Devon

From: £205.00

NNAS Silver Navigation Syllabus Course.

2 Day Course.

What’s included

  • Skills/Technique training
  • Set a Compass bearing from map to ground.
  • Use a compass to follow bearings accurately across open ground over short legs.
  • Measure distances with reasonable accuracy by double pacing and timing.
  • Estimate the time needed for height gain.
  • Use major landforms (hills, spurs, valleys, ridges) as a means of navigation.
  • Identify smaller contour features on a map and ground ie re entrants and small hills.
  • Use aiming off to reach a target on a linear feature.
  • Identify the most appropriate route, where more than one is available.
  • Use coarse navigation and collection features to locate an attack point.
  • From an attack point use fine navigation to locate a target.
  • Additional extra. We will also provide GPS navigation techniques (upon request), including downloading adn uploading routes and getting the most out of your device.