Dr Martin Lewis is a talented Distance Runner with a marathon best time of 2 hours 29 minutes and lecturer of Biomechanics at Nottingham Trent University.
Martin obtained his PhD in Biomechanics and computer simulation at Loughborough University and researches and teaches in a variety of areas of biomechanics including running and jumping, specialised sports garments and as a slight side line, equestrian sport.

For a brief period, Martin operated a personal training and sport massage business and has coached swimming for many years. His passion is distance running and most of his ideas are generated whilst out in the Leicestershire countryside, running through mud and often by the light of a head torch.

Martin continues to race and train to a high level and his experiences in coaching sport and exercise and teaching university students, enable him to communicate to a variety of audiences. Martin is happy to discuss all variety of topics, and if he doesn’t know the answer, he is never afraid to suggest where you might look to find it.

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